Client University of Southern California
Location Los Angeles

The plans for new development on property owned by the University of Southern California just north of the main campus will create a new mixed-use University Village encompassing academic uses, retail, hotel/conference use, and housing for faculty and students.

The site is designed with a series of pedestrian paseos and greenspaces that break up large blocks and improve connectivity for non-motorized uses.  All building frontages are treated as “fronts” and transit-supportive amenities are introduced, such as a bike station, bike racks, a new bike lane along Jefferson that connects to the adjacent light rail Expo Station, and enhanced bus stops. 

Landscaping creates a vibrant neighborhood feel with native and adaptive species. Seating nooks and gathering areas of different sizes encourage student interaction and use of outdoor space. The entire Village area is designed around a central square and green space that can accommodate events. RELM designed the public and private plazas, paseos and open space.

Renderings by ZAR, Zapf Architectural Renderings.